Vendor Guidelines

Del Sur & 4S Ranch Community Market 

Vendor Guidelines

Parents, Teachers, Students & Our Community Working Together.

Offering organic, locally grown fruits, vegetables and specialty products for everyone in our community to enjoy!

The Del Sur & 4S Ranch Community Market operates the first Sunday of every month (except special dedicated dates for holidays etc.), from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM at 17050 Del Sur Ridge Road, San Diego, CA 92127. 

We showcase only locally made, grown, raised, sourced and produced products and a select few specialty small businesses. In order to provide a successful market, we would appreciate all applicants to review the following vendor guidelines: 

1. TIME: The Del Sur & 4S Ranch Community Market operates the first Sunday of every month (except for special dedicated dates), from 12:00-4:00 PM. Set up can begin at 10:30. We ask that you are set up and ready to sell before the market opens at 12:00 PM. No one is allowed to break down early or drive on or off the grounds before the market closes at 4:00 PM (unless prior permission is obtained from Market Manager). Breakdown should be completed by no later then 5:00 PM.

2. PAYMENT: Payment will be made via PayPal or check to The D39C Collaborative. Applicants will be given the PayPal payment information once approved and all paperwork has been submitted. Payment will be collected 30 days prior to the market to ensure a spot is held unless otherwise agreed to by the Market Manager. Space fees: Farmers - $39; Small Businesses (1-2 employees) - $39; Medium to Large Businesses (2+ employees) - $59; Food Trucks - $59; Kid-Entrepreneurs - $15; School Teams/Groups and non-profit organizations - $0. There is an added $10 fee if additional booth space is needed/requested.

3. CANCELLATION POLICY: If you are not able to fulfill your market date commitment, you must notify the Market Manager 72 hours prior to your reserved date. Phone (call or text): (858) 413-7259 or Email . Canceling after the 72 hour time period may result in a forfeit of booth payment unless otherwise agreed terms have been made with the Market Manager. If you do not show or have not notified the Market Manager within the time period, you will forfeit the payment and can potentially lose any future space and good standing at the market. 

4. SALE ITEMS: All items must be pre-approved by the Market Manager and follow Poway Unified School District’s regulations to be sold at the market. All items must match any permitting allowances given by area permit applications. Any items not listed within permits provided will not be allowed to be sold. ITEMS THAT RELATE TO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, NUDITY OR TOBACCO MAY NOT BE SOLD OR DISPLAYED AT ANY TIME. 

5. SPACE MAINTENANCE: Spaces should be kept clean at all times. Boxes, packing materials, etc., should be stored out of sight, either in your booth or in your vehicle. It is the responsibility of each vendor to leave his or her space clean. Your Trash should be taken with you at the end of the market. You may be given verbal and/or written warnings if this rule is not adhered to and it may result in expulsion from the market. FOOD VENDORS: If you are cooking with grease or hot oils, you must provide a cover on the ground to protect the asphalt from staining. 

6. SAFETY AND SANITATION: All display table frontage must be behind the setup line designated by the Market Manager. No boxes, flower or produce displays may extend into the common customer traffic aisle way. Vendors who display produce on a side table must allow at least 24 inches of side aisle. Tables and other display fixtures must be sturdy, stable and not overloaded. All shades and shelters must be tied down and completely secured in windy conditions. Before any sales transactions are allowed, the producer's area must be cleared and cleaned of any produce trimmings or debris. No trash of any type will be allowed on stall grounds, the consumer area directly surrounding the stall, or in any other contiguous area that could constitute a health or safety issue. Before the producer may leave the market, both the stall and the surrounding area must be totally free of any debris. All vendors will observe all fire lanes while loading and unloading. 

7. VENDOR SPACE: Vendors must do their own set up and takedown and are required to provide their own shade structures. Each vendor must supply his or her own sturdy tables appropriately covered with tablecloths. Items on display must be confined to your assigned space. Permits, etc. must be displayed clearly. The location, space size and other factors of assignment of selling space within a market shall be at the reasonable discretion of the Market Manager. Sellers must accept the stall space assigned to them by the Market Manager. Historic use of same amount or location of space is not guaranteed. All vendors must display a sign identifying their name or the name of their establishment and the city or town where their production occurs. We will do our best to make certain that your space(s) allows maximum exposure to display your products. We cannot guarantee you will always be located in the same market location. Vendors that appear on a regular or semi regular basis gain seniority and are the first to be moved into spaces of their choice on site. 

8. VEHICLES: All vendors must park their vehicles off site unless pre-authorized by the Market Manager. Vehicles not removed by 9:30 will incur a $20 fee plus additional clean up fees if applicable. Any vehicles approved to be on premise will need to have a method to ensure no oil or fluids leak onto the grounds (drip pan, tarp, etc.). No vehicles are allowed to enter or exit the market area after opening hours, or before closing hours. If there is any damage to buildings, asphalt, fences, etc. you will be liable for damages and repairs. 

9. VENDOR ADMISSION: Admission to be a vendor at the market shall be at the reasonable discretion of the Market Manager and compliance with Poway Unified School District permitting and insurance policies. Copies of all appropriate agreements, permits, liability insurance, etc. need to be submitted annually. Vendors selling non-agricultural food products are required to have a valid Health Permit from the local jurisdiction, or Sellers Permit. All vendors selling any type of food item(s) must provide a copy of their current TFF permit. Vendors must provide a signed copy of these Vendor Guidelines (mandatory for participation).

10. INSURANCE: All vendors must be approved by the Poway Unified School District and supply a Certificate of Liability Insurance along with an Endorsement Letter for review prior to approval. Insurance and endorsement letter must be submitted 16 days prior to the market date for final review and approval. All vendors must carry $1,000,000 liability insurance and list Poway Unified School District as Additional Insured. General Liability coverage required $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 general aggregate. The certificate holder should be stated as:
        Poway Unified School District
        Attn: Facilities Department
        13626 Twin Peaks Road
        Poway, CA 92064

The minimum required limits:
        General Aggregate                                $2,000,000 (annual)
        General Liability                                   $1,000,000 per occurrence
        Products-Comp/Ops Aggregate      $1,000,000
        Personal & Adv. Injury                       $1,000,000
        Each Occurrence                                  $1,000,000
        Fire Damage                                           $    100,000
        Medical Expense (per person)          $        5,000
Coverage must be per occurrence NOT claims made.


A. All prices must be clearly marked or posted. Collusion and deceptive practices are prohibited. Bargaining with the consumer is specifically not allowed. 

B. All products sold as organic must be registered with the State of California in the County of origin. A valid organic registration must be posted at the point of sale. 

C. All agricultural products sold at the market shall comply with the regulations of the California Code governing maturity and quality. 

D. The certified vendors' embossed photocopy certificate must accompany the certified agricultural products during transportation and must be conspicuously posted at the point of sale. 

E. When an agricultural product is sold by weight, the type of scale used shall be approved, tested and sealed by the County Agricultural, Sealer of Weights and Measures and the weighing devices’ current County registration must accompany said scale when applicable. 

F. All agricultural products sold at the market are subject to the provisions of federal marketing orders, state marketing orders, state laws and regulations enforced by any state agency, or any other local health and safety laws, regulations or ordinances. 

G. With few exceptions, no radios are allowed to be played during market sales hours. No loud hawking, barking or shouting to promote product is allowed. All producer promotion must occur within the space assigned to the producer and not in any common area. Disruptive action in the market is prohibited. 

H. All items must be new. Re-selling of used, antique, or refurbished items is prohibited.

I. Sellers using plastic bags for the convenience of their customers shall insure that such bags do not litter the market. All vendors must take their trash with them. 

J. All vendors shall sell/market their products in a manner satisfactory to the Market Manager and in an honest, conscientious and businesslike manner. 

K. Signs posted by vendors are subject to approval of the Market Manager. 

l. Vendors must wear shirts and closed-toe shoes while on the market premises. 

M. Smoking, including e-cigarets, is not allowed in the market or anywhere on school grounds. 

N. Dogs, pets, animals are not allowed on school property or in the market area. Per the California Health and Safety Code, it is states that “customers shall not bring any live animals into any food facility.” Exceptions include any service animals, but they must be kept 20’ from food stalls as by law.

O. Any statement and/or action which is deemed to be offensive, abusive or otherwise inappropriate to a customer, market Manager, market staff person, attending producer, staff person, or any official from a city, county, or state agency conducting business within the market parameters, will be considered a violation to these market rules and will be subject to any or all disciplinary steps indicated in these market rules. Failure to comply with any request made by Management, negative, abusive, threatening or rude behavior toward Management or other sellers, or consumers, or any other socially unacceptable behavior will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the market. vendors who take an action that interferes with, jeopardizes, or who are disruptive to market operations, order, vendor moral and discipline or who negatively impacts the markets relationship with consumers or market site personnel or landlords or other entity (other than a regulating one) will be expelled from the market covered by these rules. Violations of these rules or policies may result in any of the following disciplinary steps being used by the Manager, Assistant Manager or Board Members. Severity of penalties will be dependent upon the nature and intent of the offense. 

P. If a producer challenges management or the Market Manger in a court of law and the court finds in favor of the management or the Market Manager, said producer agrees to pay all costs associated with the legal action. 

Q. Applicant shall indemnify and hold the Poway Unified School District and Design39Campus, its officers, agents and employees harmless against any and all losses, damages, liability, claims, demands and causes of action arising out of or in any way connected with the use by applicant of District property, including premises liability. Applicant shall owe this indemnity obligation to District, its officers, agents and employees even if the loss, damage, liability, claim, demand or cause of action resulted from District’s alleged or actual negligent act or omission, regardless of whether such act or omission is active or passive.